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May 02

Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Themselves Into the Playoffs

For almost four years, now, www.ChaChaandSpoons.com has been relentless in our poking fun at the Jacksonville Jaguars. We are now prepared to eat our words.

Okay, so maybe we won’t EAT our words. Jacksonville has been a historically bad franchise, …

Sep 15

Week 1 NFL wrap-up: Real-deal or posers?

Another NFL Week 1 is in the books, and it came with the usual disappointing injuries and shocking wins. It was not surprising to see Green Bay and New England come away with victories, nor was it surprising to see …

Sep 01

2015 AFC South & West Predictions

Yesterday I covered the AFC East and North Divisions, with both Wild Card teams surfacing out of those divisions. Today is a look at the AFC South and West, including the emergence of a new powerhouse. Thursday and Friday I’ll …