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May 02

Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Themselves Into the Playoffs

For almost four years, now, www.ChaChaandSpoons.com has been relentless in our poking fun at the Jacksonville Jaguars. We are now prepared to eat our words.

Okay, so maybe we won’t EAT our words. Jacksonville has been a historically bad franchise, …

Apr 26

Federal Court Says Goodell is God

Yesterday, the United States Court of Appeals anointed NFL commissioner Roger Goodell an NFL god, with the power to do nearly anything. Whether you like Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, or you think they are a bunch of …

Apr 18

Highlighting the 2016 NFL Schedule

On Friday, the NFL released the full 2016 regular season schedule. It’s only April, but that won’t stop football fans from debating the schedule for the next four months. Here’s a look ahead to the top five matchups to circle …

Apr 12

Manziel Says Something Stupid… Again

This is not the story of a professional football player; it’s the story of kid who just doesn’t get it. Johnny Manziel has made headlines again with his false statement of living with Denver Broncos superstar Von Miller. Unfortunately, …

Mar 25

Right or Wrong, the Cleveland Browns Need to Commit to RGIII

On Thursday, Cleveland signed free agent Robert Griffin III to a two-year, $15 million deal, giving the Browns a quarterback, which is better than the other option. There isn’t a mock draft in the universe that doesn’t have Cleveland taking …

Mar 22

Lock ‘Em Up: A Look Ahead to NFL’s 2017 Unrestricted Free Agent

The 2016 NFL offseason isn’t even halfway over, but there’s plenty of judgment regarding contracts already signed. Left tackle Russell Okung represented himself into an awful contract with Denver, while Houston emptied the bank for a (largely) unproven Brock Osweiler

Mar 07

Thank You, Peyton

2-time Super Bowl Champion

4-time AFC Champion

5-time NFL MVP

7-time First-Team All-Pro

14-time Pro Bowl

  • All-time Colts career leader in wins, passing touchdowns, pass attempts, pass completions, and passing yards
  • NFL all-time leader in career touchdown passes, passing yards,

Feb 25

NFL Extreme Makeover Edition: Chicago Bears

If you are a Chicago Bears fan, you have got to be thrilled with the sinking ship that is the Detroit Lions. Things aren’t great for Da Bears, and 2017 will see a brand new look. In a division that …

Jan 22

NFC Championship Preview: The battle of bad personalities

NFC Conference Championship

Arizona Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers

6:40 PM EST (FOX)

Much like the AFC Conference Championship Game, the Arizona Cardinals and the Carolina Panthers represent the best possible matchup for the NFC. These two teams have virtually no …

Jan 22

AFC Conference Championship Preview: Brady and Manning’s Last Dance?

AFC Conference Championship

New England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos

3:05 PM EST (CBS)

Why even give this game a title other than “Brady/Manning XVII”? It’s the AFC Conference Championship, that’s why. The stakes may have never been higher for a …

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