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Apr 28

Memorable Moments In NFL Draft History

The NFL Draft is a circus, and the ringleader happens to be the clown that runs the joint. There are no shortages of memorable draft moments, especially as it has grown into a primetime event. Round 1 will officially kick …

Sep 15

Week 1 NFL wrap-up: Real-deal or posers?

Another NFL Week 1 is in the books, and it came with the usual disappointing injuries and shocking wins. It was not surprising to see Green Bay and New England come away with victories, nor was it surprising to see …

Aug 31

2015 AFC East & North Predictions

The 2015 NFL regular season officially kicks off on Thursday, September 10th, when New England hosts Pittsburgh. Every Friday in August on the Cha Cha & Spoons Podcast, we reported from every training camp in the NFL. Now …

May 27

NFL Offseason Spectacular

The NFL is a full-year sport.  The NFL Draft, offseason transactions, preseason games, and Tim Tebow have become welcome distractions for football fans when the regular season isn’t regular.  2013 offered a lackluster draft and few heart-stopping moves, but the …

Sep 10

Overreaction Monday! Everyone is an Armchair Quarterback

Overreaction Monday is in full stride, and I don’t envy any of us for having to hear about Robert Griffin III all day every day for a week.  A day that saw five rookies start at quarterback, several superstar veterans …

Aug 14

J-E-T-S or U-G-L-Y?

I’ve got a secret that no one can know.  I hate Switzerland.  Even though the cat is out of the bag, go ahead and keep that a secret for me… shhh, don’t tell anyone.

Rex Ryan and the New York …