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May 02

Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Themselves Into the Playoffs

For almost four years, now, www.ChaChaandSpoons.com has been relentless in our poking fun at the Jacksonville Jaguars. We are now prepared to eat our words.

Okay, so maybe we won’t EAT our words. Jacksonville has been a historically bad franchise, …

Mar 07

Thank You, Peyton

2-time Super Bowl Champion

4-time AFC Champion

5-time NFL MVP

7-time First-Team All-Pro

14-time Pro Bowl

  • All-time Colts career leader in wins, passing touchdowns, pass attempts, pass completions, and passing yards
  • NFL all-time leader in career touchdown passes, passing yards,

Sep 01

2015 AFC South & West Predictions

Yesterday I covered the AFC East and North Divisions, with both Wild Card teams surfacing out of those divisions. Today is a look at the AFC South and West, including the emergence of a new powerhouse. Thursday and Friday I’ll …

Jan 15

2015 NFC & AFC Conference Championship Preview

Sunday will host the final two (relevant) football games before Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Arizona.  New England, Indianapolis, Seattle and Green Bay will all walk in, but only two will leave.  It’s one of the single greatest days in …

Jan 06

NFL Divisional Playoff Capsules

January 10th & 11th will be the NFL Divisional Playoffs, and the eight teams are already preparing for battle.  As always, the NFL Playoffs allow us to see heightened competitiveness as the best-of-the-best continue to move on.  Other …

Nov 01

The NFL Trade Deadline Has Past: No One Should Care

Another NFL trade deadline came in like a kitten and left like a kitten, and once again the press made much ado about nothing.  With so much media speculation as to which teams needed wide receivers and which needed defensive …

Oct 18

Eight 2013 NFL Matchups to Get Excited About

We’re only entering Week 7 in the NFL, but it is becoming increasingly clear what we’re in store for.  Teams are separating faster than oil and water and looking ahead there are several matchups to get excited for.  Here’s a …

Sep 20

Trent Richardson Trade Leaves Cleveland Fans Wondering

Where were you the day Trent Richardson was traded to the Indianapolis Colts?  No, it’s not quite that dramatic, but the universal reaction makes it seem so.  In-season NFL trades are as rare as Justin Beiber taking a day off …

Dec 03

Dream NFL Playoff Games: Top 5

Despite Jim Mora’s plea, the NFL playoffs are at hand and they are being discussed.  Playoffs?!  Playoffs?!  With three teams already clinching division titles after Week 12 (New England, Denver, Atlanta) and one more clinching a postseason berth (Houston), …

Nov 05

Andrew Luck, NFL MVP? At the Halfway Point, It is Possible

The words most valuable player seems to strike a different chord in the hearts of different sports fans.  If the words are taken at face value, which they should be, this is the player that means the most to the …

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