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Jan 18

Saturday Night Mess: The NFL Divisional Playoffs Mis-managed

Can we talk about Saturday night?

Sure, I get that Sunday happened, but let’s pump the breaks a bit and talk about the train wreck that was Saturday.

First, let’s all appreciate that it had nothing to do with Amy …

Jan 14

2016 NFL Divisional Playoff Preview

The crazy NFL Wild Card Weekend is over, which means we can forget all the atrocious acts committed last Saturday and Sunday. Life is about moving forward, so my optimistic self is ready to take a look at the upcoming …

Jan 07

2016 NFL Wild Card Weekend Preview

So you’re telling me it’s NFL playoff time? If you had told me at the beginning of the season that Washington would be in the playoffs (much less won the NFC East), I would have said you were drunk…but since …

Nov 26

Thanksgiving Sports Menu

The first Thanksgiving in the United States is often debated, but widely remembered as the Native Americans welcoming the Pilgrims (refugees fleeing Europe from religious persecution) and joining together as one in a grand feast. Abraham Lincoln made the presidential …

Sep 29

The Front Page and Other Shenanigans: Your weekly guide of what to look for, and what to look away from 9/30-10/06

The MLB regular season wraps up on Sunday, when, for the first time, every Major League Baseball game will be played simultaneously across the United States. In order to offer the best possible finish for the fans, each game was …

Sep 29

Cha Cha’s Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

Monday night’s game between Kansas City and Green Bay marked the end of Week 3 in the NFL. Looking forward to Week 4, I’ve compiled the current power rankings in the NFL, as of now. Cha’s NFL Power Rankings are …

Sep 24

10 takeaways from the NFL, through 2

We are only two weeks into the NFL regular season, so strap on, because we’re about to jump off a bridge. Sure, it’s early and armchair quarterbacking can be frustrating, but remember, you don’t play the games. Neither do I. …

Sep 03

2015 NFC East & North Predictions

The 2015 NFL regular season officially kicks off a week from today, when New England hosts Pittsburgh. Every Friday in August on the Cha Cha & Spoons Podcast, we reported from every training camp in the NFL. Most other websites …

Jul 20

Brett Favre Returns to Lambeau

On Saturday, Brett Favre stepped onto Lambeau Field the right way.  67,000 Packer fans greeted him with thunderous applause.  On his previous visit, Green Bay Packers fans showered him with boos, but this weekend, Favre was in his element, and …

Apr 23

Four Best 2015 Sunday Night Football Matchups

The 2015 NFL schedule was finally released on Tuesday with all all the pomp and circumstance that the NFL now gives to absolutely everything.  There is certainly excitement for the fans as they finally get to break down the schedule …

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