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Apr 26

Federal Court Says Goodell is God

Yesterday, the United States Court of Appeals anointed NFL commissioner Roger Goodell an NFL god, with the power to do nearly anything. Whether you like Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, or you think they are a bunch of …

Jul 30

Tom Brady Permanently Destroys Cell Phone and Image: No Longer In the Discussion of “Best”

One destroyed cell phone has taken Tom Brady out of the conversation for “Best Ever.”

On Tuesday, the NFL announced they would uphold the New England Patriots quarterback’s 4-game suspension for his participation in deflating footballs.  Seven months after the …

May 12

Under Pressure: NFL Wildly Inconsistent With Deflategate Punishment

NFL Hands Down Punishment for Deflategate, Proving Once Again To Be Inconsistent

On Monday afternoon, the NFL finally took action, delivering New England with the punishment for Deflategate.  Analysts and fans cheered the unheard of punishment, lauding it as justice …