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Aug 14

Happy Birthday www.ChaChaandSpoons.com!!!

Today marks the 3rd birthday of our website www.ChaChaandSpoons.com!!!  Over three years we have brought you four original blogs a week, one new Front Page each Wednesday featuring everything coming up in sports and movies, and a podcast each Wednesday …

Dec 12

A Critical Look: Re-Visiting Cha Cha & Spoons Sports Criticism Blogs

Cha Cha & Spoons are two guys in a bar talking SPORTS, movies, music, sex, booze and general shenanigans, but above all, we are sports.  Over 700 website posts later, we find our calling to still be critical of all …

Dec 12

Our Favorite Blogs: Re-Visiting Cha Cha and Spoons’ Favorite Blogs

Friday, December 12, 2014, the day Cha Cha & Spoons aired their 100th podcast episode.  Though the day will not even come close to living in infamy, it’s still more episodes than Knight Rider (90), NewsRadio (97), Airwolf (79), ALF

Dec 10

This Week In Theaters (Best of): “That’s Just MEAN, Man!”

Continuing our lead up to the 100th Episode on Friday, Cha Cha compiled a list of just SOME of the insults thrown around in his This Week In Theaters section of his weekly Front Pages.  TWIT has been a regular …

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