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May 02

Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Themselves Into the Playoffs

For almost four years, now, www.ChaChaandSpoons.com has been relentless in our poking fun at the Jacksonville Jaguars. We are now prepared to eat our words.

Okay, so maybe we won’t EAT our words. Jacksonville has been a historically bad franchise, …

Mar 22

Lock ‘Em Up: A Look Ahead to NFL’s 2017 Unrestricted Free Agent

The 2016 NFL offseason isn’t even halfway over, but there’s plenty of judgment regarding contracts already signed. Left tackle Russell Okung represented himself into an awful contract with Denver, while Houston emptied the bank for a (largely) unproven Brock Osweiler

Apr 23

Four Best 2015 Sunday Night Football Matchups

The 2015 NFL schedule was finally released on Tuesday with all all the pomp and circumstance that the NFL now gives to absolutely everything.  There is certainly excitement for the fans as they finally get to break down the schedule …

Jan 13

Oops… Maybe We Were Wrong: Where the Media Thought These Playoff Teams Were Heading

Snap judgements by the media can be looked at three ways… bold decision, stupid statement or lucky call.  In 2009, Ted Green of the LA Times wrote a memorable blog lambasting the hire of Pete Carroll by the Seattle Seahawks.  …

Jan 08

What Quarterback Do You Want Leading Your Team?

We often get to the NFL playoffs and discuss how closely the teams match up, but we rarely get into the quarterback conversation.  Whether regular season or postseason, the eight quarterbacks about to play in the NFL Divisional Playoffs have …

Dec 27

Reliving and Ranking the 2012 NFL Draft

It’s hard to believe that the 2012 NFL Draft was only a year ago.  So many notable names have come out of this draft, and with players coming into the NFL stronger and faster than ever before, impacts are being …

Dec 03

Dream NFL Playoff Games: Top 5

Despite Jim Mora’s plea, the NFL playoffs are at hand and they are being discussed.  Playoffs?!  Playoffs?!  With three teams already clinching division titles after Week 12 (New England, Denver, Atlanta) and one more clinching a postseason berth (Houston), …

Nov 05

Andrew Luck, NFL MVP? At the Halfway Point, It is Possible

The words most valuable player seems to strike a different chord in the hearts of different sports fans.  If the words are taken at face value, which they should be, this is the player that means the most to the …

Sep 10

Overreaction Monday! Everyone is an Armchair Quarterback

Overreaction Monday is in full stride, and I don’t envy any of us for having to hear about Robert Griffin III all day every day for a week.  A day that saw five rookies start at quarterback, several superstar veterans …

Aug 30

Five Rookie Starters, but How Will it End?

For the first time in the Super Bowl era, five rookie quarterbacks will start week one of the NFL season as starters.  This has been a crazy shift of events since a young, can’t miss quarterback named Peyton Manning came …