Apr 28

Memorable Moments In NFL Draft History

The NFL Draft is a circus, and the ringleader happens to be the clown that runs the joint. There are no shortages of memorable draft moments, especially as it has grown into a primetime event. Round 1 will officially kick off tonight at 8:00 PM ET, when the Los Angeles Rams will take the first overall pick off the board. For now, the top four most memorable NFL Draft moments are on the clock…


These fans

For nearly ever, the NFL Draft was held in New York City, home of the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets. For nearly ever, the New York Jets have been making questionable draft picks.


This trade

Sure he may have gone on to win two Super Bowls, but never forget that Eli Manning refused to ever play for San Diego. No one likes a 21-year old prima donna. Welcomed with boos…


This handshake

In 2012, DE Melvin Ingram was pick #18 by the San Diego Chargers and whipped out his special commissioner handshake with Roger Goodell.


This Passover

In 2005, many expected QB Aaron Rodgers to be picked #1 overall. Instead, he continued to sit in the green room until the Green Bay Packers picked him up at #24.

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