Apr 26

Federal Court Says Goodell is God

Yesterday, the United States Court of Appeals anointed NFL commissioner Roger Goodell an NFL god, with the power to do nearly anything. Whether you like Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, or you think they are a bunch of filthy cheaters, yesterday’s verdict to uphold the quarterback’s four-game suspension was a very, very bad decision.

This case had nothing to do with Tom Brady’s guilt in the never-ending Deflategate saga, but instead was entirely about whether Goodell legally had the power to deliver a four-game suspension while ignoring facts. Apparently, he is.

deflategateWhether believed or not, it has been proven by science that the footballs in the AFC Championship Game may not have been artificially deflated. Setting that point aside, a Federal Court has now decided that the commissioner of the sport is well within his right to make inferences and hand out punishments.

Just for a moment, take the widely-hated Brady out of the equation and insert a player from your favorite team in his spot, instead. Not so funny anymore?

The sketchiness of the New England Patriots football team is well documented, and in many cases they have earned that reputation, but this is not about that. This is about making Goodell even more of a monster to deal with than he has been. This is about the owners and commissioner colluding against the players to dish out any punishment they see fit, not that necessarily matches the crime.

It’s highly unlikely this case will be taken to the next level. Too much time and money has been spent. Instead, both sides will probably settle, with one of the stipulations being that Brady has to feed the ego of the football god and publicly proclaim Goodell to be correct in the matter.

Either way, it’s unlikely that Brady serves the full four games, despite the fact that the courts said he would; it would be more than Ray Rice was given for hitting his fiancée on camera.

For those keeping score at home, the Patriots’ first four games will be against Arizona, Miami, Houston, and Buffalo. The fact that Brady is removed may (shockingly) disappoint Seattle Seahawks fans, who would surely rather have the future Hall of Famer taking on their division rival, the Cardinals.
There is only one division game in the mix, but Houston may also get a big of a bump, with J.J. Watt rushing Jimmy Garoppolo.

Have an opinion about the Patriots, Deflategate, or Tom Brady, but this is about Roger Goodell, and the courts have made sure he will be insufferable.


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