Apr 25

Top 25 Tom Hanks Movies

There was a point when it seemed Tom Hanks could not make a bad movie. The Ladykillers and Larry Crowne later, he has made a few, but his resume is still impressive.

Hanks now stars in A Hologram for the King, the story of an American businessman attempting to turn his fortune around in Saudi Arabia. Novelist Dave Eggers wrote the original story, and per usual, it could translate to a Tom Hanks “Best Actor” nomination.

With 79 acting credits under his belt, we chose to limit our ranking to the Top 25. Who doesn’t love a little “Mr. Nice”? These are the Top 25 Tom Hanks movies, combining performance and film quality.


  1. The Da Vinci Code

– Hanks was miscast as Robert Langdon, the film version of a book, essentially written to be a movie


  1. The Polar Express

– Cherished children’s story that ranks #24 because I’ve never seen it


  1. Sleepless in Seattle

– Most people in Seattle will tell you they wish this movie was never made


  1. Charlie Wilson’s War

– Hugely underrated Aaron Sorkin script


  1. Splash

– Vintage early Hanks and the much-missed John Candy


  1. Bridge of Spies

– Classic Spielberg, but incredibly slow


  1. The Money Pit

– As funny as any Tom Hanks movie


  1. Saving Mr. Banks

– A throwback to classic films. Hanks delivers as Walt Disney


  1. Captain Phillips

– Tom Hanks is on a boat with pirates… but not the fun kind


  1. The ‘Burbs

– “’Bout a nine on the tension scale there, Reub”


  1. The Terminal

– Hanks’ accent holds up the entire movie


  1. Toy Story 2

– Hanks lends his voice to Woody, with a snake apparently still in his boot


  1. Road to Perdition

– Sam Mendes + Daniel Craig + Paul Newman + Hanks + Gangsters = Great movie


  1. The Green Mile

– The movie will mostly be remembered for the performance of the late Michael Clarke Duncan


  1. Cast Away

– Despite having the worst ending of any movie, ever, the first two hours really highlight Hanks


  1. A League of Their Own

– “There’s no crying in baseball!!!”


  1. Big

– Arguably Hanks’ best performance. He was nominated for Best Actor, just for bringing out his inner child


  1. Apollo 13

– Starring as astronaut Jim Lovell, this could have easily been Hanks’ third-straight Oscar for Best Actor


  1. Toy Story 3

– The third (and saddest) installment of the Toy Story series


  1. That Thing You Do!

– Hanks’ debut as a writer/director


  1. Philadelphia

– A signature drama for the era


  1. Catch Me If You Can

– Hanks was brilliant in the cat-and-mouse adventure


  1. Saving Private Ryan

– Hanks was more than deserving to bring home an Oscar for his portrayal of Captain Miller


  1. Forrest Gump

– This will always be remembered as the quintessential Hanks movie


  1. Toy Story

– There is still nothing better than when Buzz and Woody entered our lives


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