Apr 20

The Front Page and Other Shenanigans: Your weekly guide of what to look for, and what to look away from 04/20-04/26

NBA Playoffs continue tonight, with Charlotte in Miami, Detroit in Cleveland, and Portland at LA Clippers. The Heat, Cavaliers, and Clippers each hold a one-game lead, which comes as no surprise. The first round of the playoffs only requires two wins to advance, something the Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, and Atlanta Hawks already have had the luxury of doing. On Thursday, we will find out which of Oklahoma City at Dallas and Toronto at Indiana will see a second round. Both series are currently tied.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs, First Round, could already have a team advancing, tonight. The Washington Capitals hold a 3-0 lead against the Philadelphia Flyers, with the possibility of advancing to Round Two by the end of Wednesday. The #4 NY Islanders are currently holding off #1 Florida 2-1, #1 Dallas has a 2-1 lead over #4 Minnesota, and #3 San Jose has a 2-1 lead over #2 Los Angeles. All these series are set to have games tonight.

The MLB season is young, but so are the two biggest stars of 2016. Bryce Harper is having a torrid start, batting .341, with six home runs and a league-leading 16 RBI. Colorado’s Trevor Story has welcomed his rookie season batting .309 with an MLB-leading eight home runs. Both stars have fueled their teams to early leads in their respective division, with Washington just behind the Chicago Cubs for the best record in the National League. In the American League, all teams seem to be riding an intense roller coaster. Baltimore has the best record at 8-3, but the American League West is anyone’s guess. Texas sits atop the division with a mediocre record, while Houston is riding the pine, only two games back. Big series to watch for this week include Cleveland at Detroit, Texas at Chi White Sox, Boston at Houston, Baltimore at Kansas City, and LA Dodgers at Colorado.

The 2016 NFL Draft begins a week from Thursday, and the newly-relocated Los Angeles Rams have already mortgaged their future. Harkening memories of a certain Minnesota/Dallas trade, or even Washington/St. Louis, the Rams have sent a slew of picks for the overall #1 selection. Even more curious, neither quarterback is particularly worth this weight in gold. Unless Los Angeles has fooled us all, they will choose either North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz or California’s Jared Goff. Yay. The Cleveland Browns currently sit in the #2 position, though Los Angeles has opened up an opportunity for them to trade out to a team desperate for a “top tier” quarterback.

This week in theaters brings us a huntsman, a rock star, and a salesman (oh my!). Chris Hemsworth reprises his role of the Huntsman, thankfully without Snow White (Kristen Stewart). Though the first movie managed to pull in over $400 million, it is probably best remembered as the movie when Stewart stepped out on Robert Pattinson, effectively crushing Twilight fans. So, while it was both good and bad, The Huntsman: Winter’s War Hologram_For_The_King_web_1left the drama aside, with a new star and new director. If you were the fan of Snow White and the Huntsman, you’ll be happy to know that they tagged Assistant Director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan to take the helm for this sequel. Charlize Theron rejoins Hemsworth, with Jessica Chastain and Emily Blunt joining the band. Elvis & Nixon is a historical comedy recounting the meeting between Elvis Presley and President Richard Nixon. Both personalities contained serious quirks, making this Kevin Spacey/Johnny Knoxville film fairly intriguing. Finally, Tom “just give me my Oscar, already” Hanks returns to the Cineplex in A Hologram for the King. A failed businessman heads to Saudi Arabia to turn his fortunes. Though the Dave Eggers story is fairly solemn, Hanks does that thing he does and adds just enough personality to infuse the film. While his career has been as solid as it can get, “Mr. Nice” has been on the bit of an uptick again, with the success of Captain Phillips and Bridge of Spies. While it would be nice to get a taste of old school, funny Hanks, we’ll take this morsel, for now.

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