Mar 03

A Look at April In Theaters

The 88th Academy Awards have passed, and while he may have deserved it, I’m done hearing about Leonardo DiCaprio. It may not be the holiday rush, but here’s a look ahead to some highlights for the month of April:


Miles Ahead (4/1)

Directed by, and starring Don Cheadle, this is the music biopic of the coolest cat there may have ever been, jazz legend Miles Davis. Considering the success of past biopics like Ray and Walk the Line, its amazing Davis’ story took so long to hit the big screen. While an intriguing topic, the early reviews cite the movie as erratic. A shame.


The Jungle Book (4/15)

Directed by John Favreau and starring the voices of Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray, this live-action version of Disney’s The Jungle Book is already tugging at the heartstrings of our childhood. No need to recap the story here, simply take a look at the amazing special effects and treasure one of Disney’s best stories.


Criminal (4/15)

The popularity of Deadpool should drive a few Ryan Reynolds’ fans into the theaters for this action/thriller, but it should be noted that Reynolds has only made three good decisions, ever. Kevin Costner also stars in this story of a dead CIA agent and a dangerous convict who inherits his memories and skills.


Keanu (4/29)

Finally, a kitten/action/gangster film. I would imagine audiences have been clamoring and the studios finally caved. Will Forte, Jason Mitchell, and Keegan-Michael Key star in this comedy about a kitten who is kit-napped. Calling all cat ladies… On a side note, Keegan-Michael Key is in every 2016 feature film. Every one.


A Beautiful Planet (4/29)

This documentary is an exploration of Earth, as seen from outer space. As narrated by Jennifer Lawrence, there isn’t much more to it. We’re talking about Earth… as seen from outer space. Yes.


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