May 12

The Front Page and Other Shenanigans: Your weekly guide of what to look for, and what to look away from 5/13-5/19

NBA Playoffs continue to roll through the second round with several surprises.  The biggest shocker has been Memphis’ ability to dominate Golden State, already extending the series past when many thought it would.  The remaining schedule is listed below. (All times EDT)

Western Conference Semifinals


Game 6 – Thursday, May 14
Houston at Los Angeles Clippers, (ESPN)

Game 7 – Sunday, May 17
Los Angeles Clippers at Houston – If necessary



Game 5 – Wednesday, May 13
Memphis at Golden State, 10:30 p.m. (TNT)

Game 6 – Friday, May 15
Golden State at Memphis, TBD (ESPN)

Game 7 – Sunday, May 17
Memphis at Golden State, TBD – If necessary

Eastern Conference Semifinals


Game 6 – Thursday, May 14
Cleveland at Chicago, 8 p.m.(ESPN)

Game 7 – Sunday, May 17
Chicago at Cleveland, TBD (TNT) – If necessary



Game 5 – Wednesday, May 13
Washington at Atlanta, 8 p.m. (TNT)

Game 6 – Friday, May 15
Atlanta at Washington, TBD (ESPN)

Game 7 – Monday, May 18
Washington at Atlanta, 8 p.m. (TNT) – If necessary

Stanley Cup Playoffs begin Conference Finals on Saturday when Tampa Bay heads to NY Rangers.  In the Western Conference, Chicago and Anaheim advance, with Anaheim hosting the first two games.  The schedule for the rest of the week is provided below:

SAT MAY 16, 2015
Tampa Bay Lightning

New York Rangers

1:00 PM ET
SUN MAY 17, 2015
Chicago Blackhawks

Anaheim Ducks

3:00 PM ET
MON MAY 18, 2015
Tampa Bay Lightning

New York Rangers

8:00 PM ET
TUE MAY 19, 2015
Chicago Blackhawks

Anaheim Ducks

9:00 PM ET

MLB youth is reigning supreme as Bryce Harper, Michael Pineda, and Gerrit Cole are finally “as advertised.”  The three highly touted prospects have taken control of their 2015 seasons and impressing fans.  While Harper’s Washington Nationals and Cole’s Pittsburgh Pirates are still not performing as well as expected, Pineda’s New York Yankees have exceeded expectations, in large part due to his 5-0 start with 54 strikeouts and 2.72 ERA in just seven games.  In addition to the Yankees, Kansas City and Houston still have control of their divisions in the American League, while New York Mets, St. Louis, and Los Angeles Dodgers lead the National League.  Big series to check out this weekend include Detroit at St. Louis, Pittsburgh at Chi Cubs, Toronto at Houston, and the 1970s retro-feature, NY Yankees at Kansas City

This week in theaters features a few old throwbacks.  The original Mad Max franchise and I don’t have a previous relationship.  I’ve never bought it flowers, taken it to a nice seafood dinner, pretended not to notice another franchise, or given it a cute nickname like “Maddie Maxie.”  Most of my disinterest was that I was too young when it came out, and as I got older, Mel Gibson became crazier.  Mad Max: Fury Road changed it all with its sexy imagery, flashy trailer, and Tom Hardy.  It has made me think about taking the ol’ girl out again.  George Miller resumes the directorial reigns in this apocalyptic stand-alone with a mind-blowing trailer.  Star Tom Good KillHardy has been on a roll ever since 2010 when he stared in Inception, furthering the belief this will be a cinematic affair to remember.  Mad Max: Fury Road marks the first true “man movie” of the year, and it couldn’t be timelier.  Now that the ladies love Marvel, this is the perfect moment to strap yourself into a seat with your boys and prepare to have both your socks rocked right off.  Charlize Theron and Zoe Kravitz (yes, the long wait to see how weird the child of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet is, is finally over) also star in this mind-bending rated-R adventure.  While you’re having fun, feel free to send the ladies over to Pitch Perfect 2 where they will probably learn another song that requires disposable dishes to perform.  In all fairness, Anna Kendrick is awesome in just about every sense.  While you might sneak a view when it finally hits TV, the thought of seeing this in the theater makes my testicles shrivel back up inside of me.  The story follows the original, as the Bardon Bellas enter an international competition for a capella singers.  There will be plenty of cameos in the second film, including Clay Mathews and the Green Bay Packers.  That’s right, everyone’s favorite long-locks linebacker will help keep rhythm for another opposing singing group.  Oh the horror!  As easy as it is to take a few swings at this cutesy movie, Kendrick’s star will only rise, and that’s good for everyone.  Finally, Ethan Hawke stars in Good Kill.  The upside of this flick is the reunion of director Andrew Niccol and Hawke (Gattaca); the downside is 102 minutes of Hawke trying to make his movie career relevant, something he hasn’t been able to do in 20 years (don’t you DARE tell me Boyhood did it).  The modern-warfare thriller that is drawing some comparisons to American Sniper (if only because it’s modern-warfare) will not be that relevance-making movie.  Though it may be entertaining, Hawke’s quest will continue for at least one more year.

Down your throat, 
Into your bladder,
Which end it comes out,
Does it really matter?

Cheers! Cha Cha

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